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My name is Farnez Besheta. For about 2 years I'm coming to this surgery and I'm quite happy with everything here, first I start with Dr Agnieszka then she introduce me to Dr Sebastian. He is wonderful Dr with a good personality. I'm happy with you guys and for sure I will keep coming here for treatment.
Thank You, Farnez Besheta
25 July 2012
My name is Kajal Besheta, I have been coming to this surgery for 2 years for Botox and other cosmetic, to Agnieszka. I have been in a good invironment very friendly staff and every time I want to make an appointment they have been so kind and I always got what I wanted. Many thanks to everyone.
With regards, Kajal Besheta
25 July 2012
I am a patient of Dr Sebastian at the medyk dentist. This man is like an angle, never before have I had a filling without anesthetics.
Yours Sincerely I. W. Gordyk
24 July 2012
I have found this practice to be of very high standards. Being a very nervous dental patient, the dentist assured me that everything would be ok and it was. I would highly reccomend this practice to anyone seeking dental work. The staff were wonderful, the booking procedure very easy & the prices very reasonable.
Thank you, Rebecca Forbes
18 July 2012
Friendly staff with professional and firendly attitude.
Jacqueline Chosin
30 June 2012
I think is very good & nearly better & good service & I am happy with every things from Reception side to Doctor`s treatment, so I hope every one visit your clinic for treatment, as really is best service.
With Many Respect Alan Farley
30 June 2012
Dear All at Medyk Thank You!!! This is dentistry at a new level. Nice spacious waiting room, friendly staff, clean and tidy. Doctor Sebastian is the most amazing dentist I have been to. I have never had a dentist do a crown that is so perfect and you just can’t feel when he does the anesthetic and I didn’t feel the pain thru out the whole procedure!!! Totally a new experience.
Henry Ball
28 June 2012
I have been going to the surgery for four years now. I am very happy with all the Doctors, the Dentists and the Surgeons. And the staff are superb. It is very hygienic. I would even go so far as to say that if I knew the royal family, I would recommend it to them.
Your sincerely Edward Kenna
26 June 2012
Just to thank you so much for the kindness and concern you showed to me on Monday night as I waited for the help with the car. Your attention was a great comfort to me. It was very much appreciated.
With warmest thanks, JR
26 June 2012
Not so long ago now, I was quite happily munching away one day when suddenly I heard a crunch and became aware of a small hard object in my mouth. Upon investigation I found that part of a tooth had sheared away. Out of convenience I went to my old dentist round the corner who took a very small x-ray photo and advised me that the cost of putting it right would cost over £1000. Somewhat shocked at the figure I headed for a second opinion to Medyk. Once through the door, the Medyk surgery is a very smart, bright, modern environment. The receptionist is very helpful, and the technology is up to date. I was particularly impressed by having pictures of my teeth displayed almost instantly on a large Plasma screen - giving me the benefit of seeing exactly what the problem was and the plan of action. Dr Sebastian did a sample sensitivity test applying a cold liquid that instantly got a reaction that had me sitting up in the seat - proving that the nerve was alive. He then explained very carefully in good English the plan to remove part of the tooth and replace it with a pre-manufactured porcelain. He took the impression and a couple of weeks later I went back to have it fitted. Now unfortunately in the intervening weeks, the temporary filling was dislodged and I needed to have a replacement fitted. Medyk were very good and fitted me in after working hours so that it didn't interrupt my work. They see people I believe until 9pm. As well as a very nice new white tooth, the best thing about my experience was that the cost came in at around £400 a lot more than half of what I was originally quoted. On this basis I have no hesitation in recommending Medyk to you or anyone else on the occasion that they hear a crunch too.
Sincerely Jeremy Knight
18 February 2011