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I had a skin tag in an embarassing spot and had been relactend to see any one about it especially as the Mhs doesn't normally over removal of skin tags. Read the Daily Mail article on MyMedyk booked an appt, was registered, seen, and skin tag removed in less than 20 minutes. Billiant clinic, highly professional and corteous staff. Wil be back for any future private treatments!
SouthEast London, 7 February 2014
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I've been going to My Medyk for a 2 years now. The dentist are excellent, very professional and personable. The office staff is fun, efficient and patient
7 February 2014
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Dr Thomas Grela, seen myself and he is a very good doctor. He was attensive and went into depth to try and find out what my issue was. I recommend people to come and visit this clinic as he is a five star and knows that he is doing.
5 January 2014
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Highly recommend
Malgorzata Bryniak
1 June 2014
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This was my first visit in this practice Dr Krystyna Kwiatkowska, was recomended to me by my friend. I am really gratefull that I get an appointment straight away and on Sunday. Dr Krystyna is very professional and very through. She was rebuild my front tooth perfectly. I was really woried about this. The whole experience was great. Thank you very much and see you soon.
Ewa Naqvi
22 September 2013
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Bee at the clinic for the first time, but Im very impressed, both my husband and I. Dr Waloch was very caring and explained every detail to us. He did not leave any question unanswered and made us both relaxed. He spend enough time with me and did not rush through the appointment. Thank you.
Mrs. Desislava Hammami, Mr Mouater Hammami
16 September 2013
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I, A.B Khushal have got a very pleasant first impresion from your clinic and particulary from the doctor and the nice reception. Thank Your for You exellent Service.
A.B Khushal
10 August 2013
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I have Met Dr. Ewa Iwan-Chuchla only 2 weeks ago when visited her with a serious - in my opinion - skin problem I would not resolve for the past year and a half. Despite many attempts and medical diagnosis I could not get rid of the problem entirely. Dr. Ewa instantly diagnosed my problem and from what she said during my first visit, she had no doubts regarding her diagnosis. Event then, she spent sufficient amount of time asking questions to explore additional aspects and possible causes of the illness. The medicine she prescribed gave visible effects within as little as 2 days. After 2 weeks time there slightly is any sign of the terrible problem I have been struggling with for so long. Dr. Ewa did something amazing! I cannot even remember where was the last time I felt such a relief. I saw her again today and she advised me what to do further to avoid problem coming back. Definitely a doctor worth all possible recommendations! On top of that Dr. Ewa is a very polite and extremely nice person with a friendly and professional attitude.
Dominika Szczepańska
17 May 2013
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It was my first visit to dentist surgery. The denstist was profesional and quick. I would like recommend this dentist to my friend.
Paweł Z.
31 January 2013
This was my first visit to this dental surgery. I was delighted with the service I had received. The whole atmosphere was very pleasant and welcoming. I wish them good luck and I am certain they will become a well-known and recommendable surgery.
Alina Malecki
17 January 2013