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Just a few quick lines to express what a great experience I had so far in "My Medyk". Doctors are great (so far I have been with dr Sebastian and dr Diana), polite and informative. They build You up with a lot of information of what is, and what will be done during the treatment. Their skills are impressive and the equipment is great as well. The whole process, from booking appointment, to being on dentist chair, is flawless. Not to forget reception staff - they are very kind as well. Overall very satisfying experience so far. Thank you all!
Kiril Angelov
2 December 2014
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Dr Ewa Iwan-Chuchla has been very good to me. After visiting my NHS doctor for several years with scalp folliculitis. I was beginning to loose all my hope. I decided to visit My Medyk on a recommendation and I'm very glad I did. We tried a few different medicines and finally found something that helps. I cannot recommend dr Ewa Iwan-Chuchla enough and I'm very happy with service I received.
Nick Barlow
10 January 2015
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I would like to thank and recommend Dr Ewa Iwan-Chuchla. Not only she've made quick diagnosis of my son's skin condition but recommended treatment which helped dramaticaly in just two days. After many visits in English Doctors which only made him worst I'm very impressed with her experience. Highly recommend visit to see Dr Ewa Iwan-Chuchla
Monika Konopelko Bielecka
28 March 2015
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I would highly recommend Dr. Ewa Iwan-Chuchla. She was extremaly helpfu; and recommended me treatment that was very effective. The treatment given was excellent, and both me and my family were very pleased.
Andrzej Lupa
11 April 2015
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My daughter has been treated for eczema for the last 2 years. We have visited vorious doctors, clinics and hospitals but none of the referred cream or odvices given by doctor have worked. This was until we have visited Dr. Ewa Iwan-Chuchla, who was able to successfully provide the right remedy. Eczema was cured within 3 days after the doctor visit. Thank you.
Monika Sieradzka
4 August 2015
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I have been attending a dermatological treatment of Dr. Ewa Iwan-Chuchla for the last five months and I have to admit that I'm very happy with the result achieved. The condition of my skin has improved signifiently. This is an effect of the complex method of treatment used by Dr. Ewa. I would like also to mention that Dr. Ewa is a very nice person, with a great attitude to the patient and you can see that she really cares about the effects of the treatment. I wish all the doctors wre like that :)
Magdalena Modrawska
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Have seen doctor Marek Waloch today for the first time, having previously had a different doctor that no longer work at the practice. Overwhelming difference in care and attention that doctor Marek has provided me. Thank you very much for taking genuine interest in my health and taking time to explain everything to me at such difficult time for me.
Julia Averjonova
20 September 2015
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I'm fully satisfied with my visit to doctor Ewa Iwan-Chuchla's office. It was my first visit in this clinic and I have to say that im very happy. I wasn't sure if its possible to recover that quick from skin problem that I had. Result was great. after a week everything came back to normal. I fully recommend dermatologist Ewa Iwan-Chuchla's. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Paulina Zielińska
23th January 2016
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Dear Ewa, Thank you so much for correctly diagnosis my illnes and your support when I looked like the Elephant Man! Best wishes Laura.
10 October 2014
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I have been very pleased with gynecology examination! For the first time in 8 years I felt (here in UK) the doctor has taken absolutely care about me! Very happy! Highly recommend to all of you ladies!
3 January 2015
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