Welcome to My Medyk Dental & Medical Centre.

Periodontologists at our London clinic have been caring for our patients' healthy smiles since 2008. We always employ the best Polish specialists to ensure the highest quality of services for our compatriots in London. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our services.

Periodontal Services at My Medyk

Consultation (x-rays, if not available; measuring gum pockets, diagnosis and treatment plan; oral hygiene instructions), 1.5 hours, 120-150 pounds.
Deep cleaning of gum pockets, usually under local anesthesia (1/4 of the mouth or ½ of the mouth depending on the severity of gum disease), 1.5-2 hours, 350 pounds.
Evaluation after the completion of the treatment plan (assessment of oral hygiene, measuring of gum pockets, oral hygiene instructions, treatment plan), 1 hour, 100 pounds.

Dr. Maria Mrozowski