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I think Dr. Ewa Chuchla is a fabulous doctor. She has an amazing personality, She's very warm-hearted and gives her best in everything she does. When I was her patient, I had a painfull treatment, but she made me laugh, gave me a hug and made me forget about the pain. Also, She is very caring and cares about her patients. I love her bubbly personality as it makes me smile. When you come into her room, you'll feel welcome and her smile will warm you up! :) So, don't be scared when your going to the Dermetologist. There is nothing to be scared of when your doctor is Dr. Eva Chuchla! I recommend her 100/100.
Laura Świerczek
9 October 2017
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Dear Adrianna Mizera, Thank you for the best dental visit I have had in a longtime, I really appreciate your advice and hope to see you again on my next visit.
28 November 2017
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Today (20th of 06.2017) I was having a visit at "My Medyk" with polish doctor lady Ewa Iwan-Chuchla dermatologist. After the visit i left speechless. Great doctor, warm personality, amazing human being inside and outside. She has a great approach to patients. She has a great approach to patients. We had opportunity to talk a little bit about personal life Wonderful person. I was attending to different clinics in London, but this one is over the top. I would like to say to the owner of the clinic that he has a great team
Agnieszka Sadalska
20 June 2017
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A massive thank you to Dr Ewa Iwan - Chuchla who diagnosed my skin problem right away from the 1st visit, she prescribed the right medication and finally I went back to normal life after 3 weeks of pain. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a good Dermatologist. Best regards, Isma Doumandji
Isma Doumandji
21 March 2017
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I would like to strongly recommend Dr Ewa Iwan - Chuchla. She is very professional and a higly qualified dermatologist. I met her a few months ago and she has helped me a lot. She made a good diagnosis and week after week my skin is finally looking good!
Elżbieta Niedźwiecka
25 November 2016
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Hello, I had two spots on my leg, which get invected quite badly. I even had high temperature. I was barely able to walk, sit or sleep. Me and my boyfriend went to a NHS hospital and waited like 5,5 hours just to see a doctor and get a box of azithromycin antibiotics. Fortunatly a friend told us about Dr. Ewa Iwan-Chuchla. We went to see her and we waited less then 20 min to see her. She knew straight away that only antibiotics was not the right and only treatment. After a "freezing" treatment I felt much better. The next day I was able to walk, sit and sleep again. Dr. Ewa is really nice and polite. We thank her very much and wish her all the best. Thank you.
Justyna & Frank
29 July 2016
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Seen by Dr. Marek Waloch Fantastic consulatation, gentle and explained procedure, very thoughtful, clear explanantion given. Dr knowledgeable and profesional. Thank you !
17 June 2016
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Thank you very much to our kind Doctor Ewa Iwan-Chuchla for professional help for our Son. The visits were always full of information, always on time and the illness was professionaly diagnosed. I would strongly recommend visits performed by Dr. Ewa Iwan-Chuchla of this clinic because it is worth to come here and receive help from people that welcome you with a smile :)
11 March 2016
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I am very satisfied after the visit with Dr Ewa Iwan-Chuchla, who properly diagnosed my skin problem. After a few days treatment the results were visible. I am very thankful to her for that and I gladly recommend for patients with skin problems.
Weronika Kierzek
26th January 2016
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Fantastic dentist Sebastian. Simply the best ever - no pain! Receptionist Monika very efficient and friendly. Can't believe I don't mind visiting the dentist!
Brock Kelly
14 June 2014
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