From 15 April 2014 My Medyk will be the first clinic in London to offer comprehensive eye care specialist treatments.

Now, in collaboration with the leading modern centre for ophthalmic care in Poland – Oftalmika – My Medyk offers medical care in eye diagnosis and surgery. Our services include the treatment of eye diseases as well as hospitalisation, conservation treatments, multidisciplinary diagnosis, treatments in the field of eye surgery and many other specialist therapies.

Ophthalmologists receiving patients in London and the medical staff at the Polish clinic under the supervision of Oftalmika's MD Associate Professor Joseph Kałużny, are specialists with experience working in Germany, Holland, USA, Italy and Spain. They have achieved great acclaim at international science congresses and have been honoured for academic and professional achievements, garnering many international awards.

Eye exams are performed using the most modern equipment designed by recognised world-leading companies and ophthalmic treatments are performed in ultra-modern operating rooms using tools such as the microscope Zeiss T Lumera or the world's best excimer laser, Amaris 750S, by Schwind eye-tech solutions. It is the only device in the world which allows laser vision correction without the eye being touched by any surgical instrument.

Many years of expert experience, the best medical equipment and the latest achievements in the field of ophthalmology medicine are available at My Medyk clinics, and the Oftalmika hospital guarantees patients the right diagnosis and surgical procedures, carried out painlessly, safely and in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Oftalmika Eye Clinic in Poland has a quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and for the past quarter of a century has done more than 25,000 ophthalmic procedures.

Our clinics offer comprehensive services in the fields of eye disease and surgery.

cataract treatment

computer vision test

computer visual field test

conjunctival treatments

corneal topography

diagnosis and treatment of strabismus

eye biometrics

eyeball ultrasonography

hyperopia treatment

intraocular pressure tests

laser vision correction

myopia treatment

treatment of astigmatism

treatment of diseases affecting the surface of the eye

treatment of diseases of the retina

treatment of glaucoma

vitrectomy treatments