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  • A massive thank you to My Medyk Medical Centre especially the receptionist, everyone was nice, professional and polite. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone. Best Regards, Isma ... (read more)
    Isma Doumanji

    21 March 2017

    A massive thank you to Dr Ewa Iwan - Chuchla who diagnosed my skin problem right away from the 1st visit, she prescribed the right medication and finally I went back to normal life after 3 weeks of pain. I highly recommend her to ... (read more)
    Isma Doumandji

    21 March 2017

  • I would like to strongly recommend Dr Ewa Iwan - Chuchla. She is very professional and a higly qualified dermatologist. I met her a few months ago and she has helped me a lot. She made a good diagnosis and week after week my skin is ... (read more)
    Elżbieta Niedźwiecka

    25 November 2016

    Hello, I had two spots on my leg, which get invected quite badly. I even had high temperature. I was barely able to walk, sit or sleep. Me and my boyfriend went to a NHS hospital and waited like 5,5 hours just to see a doctor and get ... (read more)
    Justyna & Frank

    29 July 2016

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