Range of pediatric services at My Medyk Dental & Medical Centre

Pediatricians in our London clinic My Medic Dental & Medical Centre take care after our youngest patients health since 2008. Dr. Tomasz Grela and Dr. Beata Szymczyk-Halas are both prominent pediatric specialists, ready to help the children throughout the week.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our services:

  • consultations and examinations in the event of illness
  • infant hips ultrasound (HIT!) 
  • ECG examinations
  • infants and children immunizations (list)
  • preventive counseling
  • preventive examinations
  • preventive examinations
  • nutrition counseling for infants and children
  • consultations with instant CRP test results

Attention young parents!

Hips ultrasounds: it is recommended for every baby over 6 weeks old to meet an orthopedic specialist in order to evaluate baby's hips development. We invite you to book a consultation with a hips ultrasound scan at the price of £120.

Vaccinations at My Medyk: We are pleased to announce that to meet our patients expectations we are introducing long expected vaccinations. Pneumococcus, varicella, rotavirus are just a few of some we provide. You can find the full vaccinations list here: vaccination fees

Our youngest patients visiting Dr. Beata Szymczyk - Hałas


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