Qualifications: MD, FEBU

Works as a Consultant Urological Surgeon in one of south Poland’s most leading teaching hospitals. He also runs a busy outpatient and one-step surgery centre as a Director in southern Poland, with main interest in minimally invasive surgery for urinary tract and rapid access prostate and haematuria (blood in urine) assessments. As an outpatient’s service he practices general urology and specialises in diagnosis (including ultrasound scanning) and treatment of kidney stones, prostate and bladder diseases, urinary infections and haematuria, as well as painful bladder syndrome in women, incontinence and male infertility. Additionally for many years as a Principal Investigator he carries out Clinical Trials in big variety of urological conditions, especially in prostate cancer and incontinence treatment. He is also active member of European Association of Urology. Author or co-author of several papers in the field of urology, presented on national or international meetings.


Specialty Urologist