Dr. Danuta Polak - Slaboszewska graduated from the Medical University of Lodz and has over twenty years of work experience. Dr. Polak-Słaboszewska specializes in Cardiology. For 15 years she worked in the Department of Cardiology in Lodz, healing heart problems (drawbacks, artificial heart valves). She is a specialist in echocardiography diagnostics (ultrasound of the heart) and Holter diagnosis.

Scope of Treatment:

• hypertension,
• coronary artery disease,
• Severe heart failure - Treatment
• type of cardiac chest pain
• Heart palpitations
• arrhythmias
• shortness of breath with suspected cardiac problems
• condition after heart attack
• The status of the by-passach
• stent condition
• interpretation of medical examinations results


• Echo cardiogram (echocardiogram)
• Holter - ECG
• Ambulatory blood pressure


Specialty Cardiologist