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Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry (paedodontics) is the branch of dentistry dealing with the diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of teeth, periodontum and oral cavities of children from birth through adolescence.
Milk teeth take a crucial part in oral cavity development. It is very important not to underestimate any milk teeth dental caries hoping that all the teeth will soon be replaced with the permanent teeth.

"The baby teeth should remain healthy or treated in the oral cavity of the child up to the natural teeth exchange."

When a baby tooth falls out, an adult permanent tooth takes its place. Early extraction results in other teeth displacement and closing the gap designed for the permanent tooth. This situation may result in abnormal tooth setting and the necessity for orthodontic treatment.

Milk teeth are very prone to decay; negligence may cause tooth ache or periodontum inflammation to develop, which results in permanent teeth development disorder. Decay is also a great source of bacteria affecting a child's overall health.
Baby molar teeth are crucial in correct chewing, enabling children to grind solid food. A consequence of molar milk teeth loss is solid food reluctance or even total refusal, which results in dental cavity disorders and incorrect muscular development.

Remember to get regular dental check-ups for your child!

Every child needs a special approach, friendly surroundings and patience to build up confidence. It is important to arrange the first appointment for a check-up only, before there is any tooth decay, so the child is not afraid to visit the dentist next time. In addition to checking for tooth decay and other problems, the dentist will show you how to clean the child's teeth properly and review any oral habits that may affect your child's teeth. In our clinic dentists take special care of our little patients, therefore children leave us with a smile, looking forward to coming back again.