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CEREC - newest technology in dentistry

CEREC - newest technology in dentistry

Wny Cerec?

Cerec is a modern, fast, safe, economical, and above all giving natural results restorations method. The advanced 3D imaging technology allows to design, produce and put in your mouth wide range of ceramic restorations. It's all by using of the CEREC system. In the past when need reconstruction tooth appear or a desire to improve the appearance of this very important element of the image, which is a nice smile, not waiting for us nothing particularly nice. Dentist about two weeks waiting, and if you are lucky and have not been needed improvements - visit, during which the dentist has achieved the ultimate treatment. Today, when what matters to us every moment (which is quite understandable, because who wants to spend the time that you can spend a thousand more pleasant things on multiple visits to the dentist) we are looking for another solution.

That's what a few years ago it was unthinkable became possible. They are visionaries in the world where the heads came up with the idea to shorten the process - why do you have to settle for a temporary solution, as can immediately exit the full beautiful smile? They created CEREC - a system by which patients started to save a lot of time, a dentist can give them a big surprise, limiting the prosthetic treatment in one visit.

How does CEREC work ?

At the beginning of the previous filling is removed and the tooth damaged by decay. Then the tooth surface is covered with a special powder spray which can scan the surface using a small camera inside the mouth. This allows the dentist to prepare a three-dimensional computer design. This model laser is used to cut a small block of ceramic filler that perfectly adapts to the remains of the tooth. Upon completion of this process a few minutes to fill the expected loss. Control of matching the, cementing a light composite, tooth polishing and is like new.

ADVANTAGES of treatment by CEREC system
  • Eliminates the impression - a few seconds, which dentist y will devote to perform a three-dimensional image of the defect replaced the bad silicone impression
  • Eliminate temporary restorations - ceramic restoration is created in just a few minutes from solid ceramic blocks, so you do not have to wait for the result of dental laboratory work
  • Accuracy - perfect representation of the surface of the cavity to avoid multiple amendments.
  • Immediate supplement - At a time when the new part of our tooth appear is ready dentist can immediately begin to put it in the right place, so that when you exit out of the office tooth is like new.
  • naturalness and unique aesthetics - using Cerec can avoid the problems which often occur when using traditional methods. The tooth has a natural look, neck look healthy teeth, gums not blue when pressed.
  • Do not cause allergies - It is important that the materials used for fillings are fully biocompatible and allergy does not threaten us.

CEREC method is ideal for those who want to regain their natural smile in a short time, using the latest techniques and without fear of complications.