Conference on "The Future of Primary Care"

My Medyk at "The Future of Primary Care": A Symphony of Innovation and Compassionate Care

My Medyk proudly spotlighted innovation and patient-centered excellence at "The Future of Primary Care" conference in London. Through an insightful lecture by General Manager Radek Footnote, My Medyk underscored its commitment to personalized, specialized, and high-quality healthcare. The event heralded meaningful interactions and the sharing of transformative strategies, further inspiring My Medyk to champion pathways of excellence and compassionate patient care in the UK’s healthcare landscape.
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A Showcase of Commitment to Excellence and Patient-Centered Care


An illustrious conference labeled "The Future of Primary Care" unfolded on the 12th of September in London, heralding a new era of insights into the evolving landscape of UK healthcare. Orchestrated by the respected independent charity, The King’s Fund, the conference was graced by an esteemed confluence of healthcare enthusiasts, policymakers, regional managers from the UK NHS, and General Practitioners (GPs) from across the country.

My Medyk’s Influential Participation:

We, at My Medyk, are thrilled and honored to have not only participated but also significantly contributed as a highlighted member at this monumental gathering. Representing the essence of innovation and patient-centric ethos in the private medical services sector, My Medyk uniquely stood as a beacon of excellence and contribution during the event.

Elevating Patient-Centered Care:

Our General Manager, Radek Footnote, personified the ethos of My Medyk, delivering a profound lecture titled "Putting the Patient First: Delivering High Quality, Specialised Care." This lecture unveiled the intricacies of My Medyk's revolutionary business model and our unyielding mission: "Our Patients Come First." It aimed to underscore our commitment to redefining healthcare standards through personalized, specialized, and quality-driven services, marking a transformative direction in the UK's primary care journey.

A Convergence of Visionaries:

The conference blossomed as a nexus of visionary discourse, fostering meaningful interactions with remarkable personalities such as State Secretary Nicholas Timmins and Robert Reid, Director of the Institute of Health Research, Washington, United States. A synergy of innovative thoughts and strategies echoed through the halls, sowing seeds of inspiration for fortifying and elevating the healthcare ecosystem in the UK.

Conclusion: Forging Pathways to Innovative Healthcare:

Reflecting upon this enriching participation, My Medyk is galvanized to persevere in championing pathways enveloped in excellence, innovation, and compassionate patient care. We are steadfast in our dedication to playing an instrumental role in sculpting a healthcare paradigm where patients’ needs and holistic well-being steer the trajectory of advancements and deliberations.