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At our Gynaecology Department, women's health is at the forefront. Dive into a realm where expertise and compassion converge, ensuring every woman feels understood and cared for.

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Dr Damian Kuleta

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Gynaecologist at My Medyk in London
At My Medyk, we celebrate womanhood. With cutting-edge technology and a patient-centered approach, we ensure that every woman leaves our clinic feeling empowered and informed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into our Gynaecologist FAQs section to gain clarity and ensure a seamless experience at our My Medyk Dental and Medical Clinic.

How often should I schedule a gynaecological exam?
Can I consult for menopause-related concerns?
Do you offer HPV vaccinations or screenings?
Is there support for fertility and conception challenges?

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Concerns about reproductive health or seeking regular screenings? We're here for you. Our specialized team is equipped to provide the care and guidance you deserve.

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Gynaecologist Prices at My Medyk
Curious about the cost of Gynaecologist treatments? Access a clear breakdown of our treatment prices, helping you plan your medical journey with confidence and ease. Dive in to make empowered and informed healthcare decisions!

Expert Gynaecologist Care – Your Health Comes First

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In London, our Gynaecologist team at My Medyk Dental and Medical Center combines the best of Polish care traditions with top international health standards. We focus on you – making sure every visit and treatment matches your specific health needs and goals.

Our Gynaecologist professionals are not just highly skilled; they’re dedicated to truly making a difference for every patient. By using advanced medical practices and a caring approach, we offer services that are both effective and considerate. Here’s how we stand out:

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