• Individual anthropometric measurement of body weight, height, fat content, fat-free body mass, WHR index, BMI, metabolic age of the body, determination of an individual weight , appropriate for a given state, and then the target weight. Next step is to establish a personal energy expenditure in kcal, metabolism, daily requirement for protein, fat, carbohydrates and water.
  • Dietary recommendations for various stages of weight loss, containing meal schedules and diet examples. All of the mentioned procedures are selected to the patient's individual food preferences.
  • General dietary tips (including the analysis of dietary mistakes).
  • Measurements template.
  • Selection of any needed supplements. You are cordially invited to contact us and make an appointment, which shall determine the time, the overall treatment program and essential methods to achieve the desired goal.

MSc. Joanna Materka, S.A.C. Dip. (Diet and Nutrition), MFHT., S.N.H.S.Dip. (Iridology)