The term "iridology" is defined as a medicine department that deals with scrutinizing health through the iris changes analysis.

Due to observation of symptoms in the iris, the patient`s health condition can be determined much earlier than in other laboratory tests. Additionally, it allows to diagnose the causes of disease and to estimate the likelihood of particular diseases in the future. Iris is regarded as a type of card from which one can read most of the completed and ongoing diseases during the examination. What is more, human body is constructed in such a way that the endings of neural junctions of all the internal organs are by and large accumulated in the eye. Knowing such information, one can take care of prophylaxis which is much more effective than the treatment of diseases. It is also important that natural medicine enables detecting chronic illnesses in their early stages. This in fact, is practically impossible in the event of traditional examination.

The advantages of iridology:

  • iridology testing is completely painless – it involves looking in the eyes; broadly speaking, an iridologist prepares a sort of a map of the iris;
  • diagnosis made on the base of the iris is quick and has harmless impact on human body;
  • this examination enables to diagnose the earliest symptoms of the disease in a safe way;
  • it points out the organ or system in which the disease is in progress;
  • due to the undergone changes in the iris, a patient can react immediately to that ongoing state of illness – it is extremely important in prophylaxis;
  • due to a quick diagnosis, a proper therapy can be immediately applied and a treatment of the endangered organs can get started, preventing the body from serious damages;
  • the diagnosis enables to estimate a degree of food poisoning;
  • specifies the state of the immune system;
  • enables the detection of inborn and acquired tendency to certain chronic diseases;
  • determines the degree of body poisoning with harmful environmental influences and products of metabolism;
  • measures a condition of nervous system and its impact on internal organs;
  • enables to determine a suitable diet for a given person and provide lifestyle advise;
  • facilitates the use of an appropriate prophylaxis and selects natural supplements.

Iridological examination is therefore a perfect method of a detailed and successful evaluation of health condition and establishing an individual method of treatment. This is a safe and the cheapest way of determining the type of disease, as well as its causes and overall health condition. Last but not least, it gives an opportunity to cancer prevention through e.g. a proper diet, herbal medicine, homeopathy, or hydrotherapy.