DNA Diet (genetic) is commonly known as the most personal diet in the world. Why? This diet is gauging on the basis of DNA tests. The diet is determined by DNA. It is about elimination of products which have a negative impact on the body. An examination of genetic material points out the best way of eating suitable for the genome of a specific person. Scrupulously designed diet for an individual metabolism arises from genetic analysis of a tested person.

The analysis is simply an intake of DNA material located on the inside of the cheek. Then, on the grounds of genetic analysis, the patient receives a professional report presenting the results of DNA tests. Moreover, the report contains an ideal diet program, as well as useful information, such as: how our genetic code influences our body weight and metabolism, which genetic markers have been tested, what the results of these tests are, and, predominantly, how the presented results translate into weight control. Scrupulously designed diet for an individual metabolism is based on the genetic profile of a patient and sets a new direction to achieve a healthier lifestyle and a healthy weight. With the examination you will learn how your body absorbs particular products, which could be the best for you, and how to optimize your eating habits to improve your metabolism. This is the most personal form of diet imaginable. Maybe that is why it is now the hottest topic among Hollywood diets.

Additionally, you will get valuable knowledge about your body and health.