Don't wait until it starts to hurt, if you see something that worries you, immediately go to the dentist. Prevention is better than the cure.
In our modern clinic, trained staff will inform you of the proper steps in oral hygiene and make a number of preventative treatments such as:

  • Review the state of the mouth;
  • Professional teeth cleaning;
  • De-scaling (scaling).
  • Sandblasting teeth
  • Fluoridation
  • Sealing


What is prophylaxis?
Prophylaxis is the way of preventing the formation of dental and periodontal diseases (tissue surrounding the teeth), a step in the treatment of caries and periodontitis. Properly used it can achieve the finest results in the form of healthy, strong teeth and a beautiful, full smile. Prevention is a simple method for everyone, and the sooner it is introduced, the better the results - healthy teeth and gums, saving time and money for dental and periodontal treatment giving a beautiful and very natural smile for life. The main task of prevention is to fight plaque on teeth - the root cause of the development of caries and periodontitis. On the other hand, this prevention tends to increase periodontal bacteria and acid attack. In the MyMedyk clinics we provide patients with a full range of professionally performed prophylactic applications of modern yet proven methods.

Treatments performed at home

Some the prophylactic procedures can be successfully performed by patients without the need to visit your dentist. Excellent results can come from a daily oral rinsing with liquid containing fluorine two times a day after brushing your teeth. The concentration of fluoride is different for each age group:

  • children from 6 years of age: 0.02-0.05%
  • adults: 0.1%.

It is impossible to conduct correct hygiene and prophylaxis without toothpaste with fluoride. You should also pay attention to the concentration in the toothpaste. Some are recommended for children, others for adults, and some for those with many caries. A good method of prevention is also rubbing the teeth once a week with special preparations with the highest concentration of fluoride such as Elmex-gel or Fluorogel. The treatment should last for about 3 minutes, and after you are finished you shouldn't drink or rinse your mouth.

At the My Medyk clinic, at the control visit, patients obtain accurate information on which technique to use when cleaning their teeth. Our staff will advise you on choosing the right toothbrush, toothpaste and additional formulations to be used. The basic steps of daily oral hygiene are:

  • thoroughly cleaning teeth with a toothbrush at least three times a day,
  • at least once a day cleaning with interdental floss
  • use of toothpaste containing fluoride,
  • use of an antibacterial mouthwash.