Cosmetic dentistry is one answer to getting a beautiful and bright smile, supported with technological developments in dental care. Straight white teeth can be within your reach thanks to cosmetic dentistry. Modern techniques and equipment used in cosmetic dentistry help us achieve your desired beautiful smile. A new look can make us feel better as well as add to our self-esteem and self-confidence. Whiter teeth are helpful in many aspects of life from job interviews and first dates to professional success and wealth.

To achieve that effect you need the newest technologies as well as a highly qualified staff to use the full potential of this equipment. Another crucial factor in cosmetic dentistry success is different specialists' cooperation in order to achieve the best result.

Modern methods of tooth whitening

With age, as a result of the food we eat, as well as medications we take, our teeth lose their original white colour. Discolorations become more visible and cause discomfort. In recent years, thanks to the huge advances in technology, cosmetic dentistry is a solution for this problem.

But is it really as easy as they advertise? We will try to answer this question by talking to Dr. Krystyna Kwiatkowska, doctor of dentistry.