MEDIDERMA is a Spanish dermatological company established by a practicing dermatologist, who created, for his own needs, a few lines of chemical peels, and has expanded each of them by adding the appropriate chemicals depending on the needs of the skin type and problem, which exists in a given patient.

Having this peelings allows us to meet the needs of each patient, because we can adapt to any problem or even to a few medical problems individually, to every skin type and phototype, to the skin sensitivity, etc.
These peels can be combined with each other and properly reinforced using enhancers that are available in the kit.
Indications and contraindications to their use are determined by the doctor. The treatment can be performed by a beautician after establishing indications and the right kind of peeling to the appropriate type of skin by a doctor.
It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, activates cellular regeneration, shows keratolytic effect, cleanses the skin, regulates the colour, regulates sebum production, prevents after-inflammatory discolorations that may occur in patients with phototype III-IV after the application of glycolic acid, retinol or hydroquinone. Reduces wrinkles, lightens stains and discoloration, is helpful in treating acne. It can be used all year round, because it does not stimulate post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation !!!