Its antibacterial and bleaching effect has been used for years in medicine to treat such skin problems as: acne, photoageing or irregular discoloration. Mandelic acid gently exfoliates the skin, rejuvenates and does not cause irritation.

It is obtained by hydrolysis of bitter almond extract. The chemical structure of mandelic acid is similar to the structure of the used and well-known antibiotics. It is a non-toxic substance. The researchers have found that the structure of the mandelic acid is of a dual nature. The same as AHA, it shows a significant cosmetic effect and documented antibacterial properties.
The peeling with the use of a mandelic acid gives the effect of a marked improvement in the shallow wrinkles in patients from I to IV phototype, lighter colour of superficial discoloration and scarring, reduction of melasma, and because of the bactericidal properties of the mandelic acid it is possible to improve the acne skin with blackheads and inflammatory blemishes.
Treatments may be repeated every 15-30 days.