Easy Peel is a new concept of peeling used in a progressive rejuvenation therapy.
The patient does not require preparation before the treatment. It is not necessary to degrease the skin. After the treatmenr, appropriate moisturizing creams are used and a solar shading. The treatments are performed at weekly intervals for four weeks. Repeating the cycle ensures getting better results.

There are no contraindications to Easy Peel treatments, except some cases of significant reduction in immunity. Very rare side effects are longer lasting redness and discoloration that decrease with each subsequent peeling and with a possible use of tyrosinase inhibitors.
The reason for the unsatisfactory result here is frequently too old skin. The effects in these cases can only be obtained by using combination therapies, e.g. a laser or a plastic surgery and Easy Peel.


  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Discoloration
  • Acne and its remains
  • Treatment combined with other procedures
  • Obtaining the effect of “skin tightening” during the dietary treatment; Keratosis resulting from old age
  • Obtaining the effect of “tightening” of the skin and the therapeutic effect on the skin after excessive sun and/or excessive exposure to UVA lamp.