The high-level conference on "The Future Of Primary Care" was held in London on 12 September, 2013, about the future of health and healthcare in the UK.

The conference is organised by the independent government institution charity The King's Fund, which engages in activities at the highest level in order to strengthen and improve health care for people in the UK.

Among the invited guests was inter alia State Secretary, Nicholas Timmins – the man responsible for the transformation of the health care system in New Zealand; Robert Reid - Director of the Institute of Health Research in Washington in the United States; regional managers from the UK NHS; GPs from different regions in the UK and many other visitors related to the subject of the health care system in the UK.

We were honoured that My Medyk was invited to deliver a lecture at the conference, as the only company in the private sector providing medical services in the UK. Radek Footnote, General Manager of My Doctor gave a lecture on Friday called "Putting the patient first: delivering high quality, specialised care" about My Medyk's business model and the company's mission statement: "Our Patients Come First".