Jolanta Rudzka-Gowda – a fully qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapist (training in 2005). With hypnosis, regression and NLP techniques she helps overcome emotional and physical problems. She gained her qualifications with Valerie Austin (, who suffered from amnesia because of a car accident. Fully recovered after the therapy Valerie decided to study the subject with US famous hypnotherapist Gill Boyne. She created an innovative treatment method and started to teach in the UK, where Jolanta Rudzka Gowda studied. Jolanta promotes the Stop Smoking In One Hour method (95% efficiency), which is now 20 years old! Jolanta Rudzka Gowda is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register in UK as a Validated Practitioner. She specialises in body and mind alignment – the influence of our subconscious mind and deeply embedded systems on our physical and emotional frame of mind. She helps with emotional ailments and problems (lack of self-esteem, depression), phobias – e.g. claustrophobia, agoraphobia and more; panic attacks, fears, anxiety, addictions – smoking, weight control (eating disorders, lack of appetite, bulimia); focusing, learning problems and partnership and sexual problems. She works in areas such as the subconscious mind, manipulations, body language, non-verbal (unconscious) communications we send to others, sexual attraction issues and personal development. Jolanta Rudzka Gowda is an active member of her local society in the UK, e.g. last year she was one of the benefactors for WOŚP in London. Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness... narrowing the subject’s attention to a single idea or train of thought. Hypnosis enables one to achieve maximum focus and concentration in order to communicate with all our assets, which are all our abilities and knowledge. All the information once acquired - sometimes forgotten or not even noticed - stays in our minds. Hypnosis lets us access this part of the mind (often called subconscious mind, unconscious mind or inner computer), learn quickly, think brightly and find the best solutions for our problems. Certain parts of the mind under hypnosis can start the healing process, because nature equipped each person with such abilities, that let us live a healthy and satisfying life. The real issue is to know what we want from life and how we want to carry out this wonderful process called life - what makes us happy and what we can do to achieve happiness.

Areas of expertise:

  • emotional ailments and problems (lack of self-esteem, depression);
  • phobias – claustrophobia, agoraphobia and more;
  • panic attacks, anxieties;
  • addictions – smoking (90-95% efficiency) and more;
  • weight (eating disorders, lack of appetite, bulimia);
  • learning and concentrating difficulties;
  • partnership and sexual problems.


Specialty Hypnotherapist