I have graduated the University of Education and Administration in Poznań in the faculty of Public Health. I've gained my experience i.a. in The Yasumi Institute of Health and Beauty.

Ever since I remember, cosmetology has been my passion; each patient is a new challenge, that I always try to fully rise up to. I treat each and every problem of my patients' in a very personal way, thus in my office we do not only discuss health and beauty, but also daily struggles. I'm not a fan of simple and flat outlines; I enjoy experimenting - combining different skincare procedures with good quality products.

I'm constantly working on improving my qualifications, therefore I take part in multiple courses, conferences and markets in the beauty and wellness industry. Also, London is a place where I plan to develop and improve myself, because smiling and satisfied faces of my patients', as well as the feeling I get after having completed my job successfully, are priceless for me.


Specialty Cosmetologist